Training Advisory Group


In a nutshell: In October 2014, the Improvement Academy brought together a cross-regional Advisory Group to develop a framework of Quality Improvement Training for Yorkshire & the Humber. Members of this group were nominated senior representatives from NHS organisations and academic institutions from across the region.

The Quality Improvement Training Advisory Group (QITAG) was established to shape a framework for Quality Improvement Training across the region. Representatives were invited from all NHS provider and commissioner organisations along with academic institutions involved in the curriculum planning and delivery for both undergraduate and postgraduate medics. The primary purpose was to work together to develop a comprehensive Framework that would make the Quality Improvement Training for the Yorkshire & Humber region more accessible and responsive, and, as importantly, build a common language and approach to quality, safety and improvement training.

The initial tasks of the Group were stated as follows: 

  Advisory Group members will be asked to give advice and support regarding:
1  The overarching strategic ‘vision’ and framework for the QIT training programme
2  The high-level content of the training programme and its associated modules
3  Overlap or duplication with any existing training activities
4  Preferred modalities for delivering training to different audiences
5  Amount of time that can be ring-fenced for training by different audiences
6  Methods for reviewing and evaluating the outcomes/outputs from training that ensure that future training is improved on this basis
7  Running pilots to test the impact of the training
8  Promoting the training within their organisations
9  Ways of publicising the training programme to ensure levels of uptake meet the desired goal

 The development of structures and processes that will support a co-ordinated approach to training within organisations

One of the key decisions made by the Group was to structure the training into the 3 levels which now form the basis of the IA's QI training offer:

Bronze: entry level e-learning 


  • a one-day session that takes trainees through the practical application of the IHI's Model for Improvement 
  • a series of half-day 'top-up' sessions

Gold: a 2-day competency-based 'train the trainer' course which covers the content of the 'silver' training but also how to support staff that choose to run a QI project. This training was designed to offer a sustainable model moving forward by developing capacity within the individual organisations across Yorkshire & Humber. It was the decision of the Advisory Group that entry onto this course should be managed through the QITAG members to ensure that applicants have the knowledge, skills, experience and time to carry out this role within their trust.

The Group is to be thanked for the hard work and vision that has supported the IA to develop a training framwork that is in high demand.


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