Silver Quality Improvement Training

 In a nutshell: Silver level training includes a 1-day core session, plus a range of optional in-depth sessions around the practical application of quality improvement methods

Core Silver training: for several years the IA has offered a 1-day silver training day. The content of the day has altered over time and to suit different audiences, but now focuses on the very practical application of the 'Model for Improvement' to an improvement scenario. Attendance is contingent on completion of the Bronze Level on-line training and all trainees receive a certificate of attendance. The aim of the day is to equip trainees with the basic knowledge and skills to begin to use the Model themselves – either individually or in teams - to bring about service improvement.

Additional in-depth Silver training sessions

A number of face-to-face 1-day courses are currently available to help individuals and organisations to develop more detailed skills in specific areas including 'Understanding and Reducing Variation in Healthcare', 'Achieving Behaviour Change for Patient Safety'.
We are also developing a wider range of half-day training sessions that will relate to more specialist areas e.g. how to use a variety of diagnostic tools to better understand the 'problem' you are trying to tackle, patient and public engagement.



Training and Events

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