Our Approach

In our consultations with AHSN partner organisations across Yorkshire and Humber (Y&H), one of the common priority support areas requested from the Improvement Academy was access to training in Quality Improvement skills and knowledge which would include a range of training methods – from e-Learning which would allow all staff to acquire basic knowledge of improvement, to more personalised development at individual through to board level.


What are we doing about it?

The AHNS IA is committed to developing capacity within NHS Yorkshire & Humber to run improvement projects.  To this end, we have been developing a 3-tiered training programme.  This work is being supported by an expert advisory group made up of representatives from each of the commissioning and provider organisations along with those involved in the curriculum planning and delivery for both undergraduate and postgraduate medics in Y&H (see here).


Bronze Level

This entry level training covers a broad spectrum of foundation knowledge, from introduction to the concepts of quality improvement and the Model for Improvement, to a more detailed understanding and application some of the associated tools.  The Bronze training is delivered through an online e-learning course which is based around material developed for the ‘1000 Lives Plus’ Welsh Programme.  3 of the 4 course modules end with a brief assessment and at the end of all 4 modules, trainees can print of a certificate of completion.

Bronze training can be accessed here: qitraining.improvementacademy.org


Silver Level training

Core Silver training: Prior to consulting with our Advisory Group, the IA offered one core silver training day for either individuals or teams from across all healthcare services who wanted to use quality improvement activities to bring about service change.   On the advice of our Group, we have since divided this core training into two separate 1-day training sessions: 

  • silver level for individuals;
  • silver level for teams.

Silver Level for Individuals: this training offers an introduction to Quality Improvement and provides examples of methods, tools and techniques that engage multidisciplinary teams in quality improvement initiatives.  Attendance is contingent on completion of the Bronze Level on-line training and all trainees receive a certificate of attendance.  Attendees are encouraged to carry out an optional follow-up improvement project with the support of their organization.

Silver Level for Teams: this new training course has been designed for teams that are ready and keen to work together to improve aspects of their services, but who lack the skills and confidence to get started.  The training takes a practical focus and throughout the day teams will be supported to develop their own project.  Attendance is contingent on completion of the Bronze Level on-line training and all trainees receive a certificate of attendance.  Teams are encouraged to carry out an optional follow-up improvement project with the support of their colleagues.

Additional Silver training

A number of non-core face-to-face courses are currently available to help individuals and organisations to develop their capacity to support improvement activities, including  ‘Understanding and Reducing Variation in Healthcare’, ‘Achieving Behaviour Change for Patient Safety’, and ‘The Science of Improvement’ .  

Work is underway to develop a wider range of training which will be made up of a mixture of full day, half-day and on-line learning modules relating to more specialist areas e.g. patient and public engagement, staff culture change.


Gold Level training

The highest level of training we offer is Gold which aims to equip improvement leaders with the skills and experience to provide strategic and operational support to develop and maintain a sustainable improvement culture within their organisations.  It is envisaged that the primary audience for this will be trust boards, those wishing to train others, and organisations that need access to specialist improvement science skills. 

The first training at this level is now available.

Train the Trainer: Gold Level ‘Train the Trainer’ is designed to provide trainees with the knowledge and materials to deliver the AHSN IA’s one-day Silver Level Training for individuals.  This competency-based 2-day programme provides training in the following:

  • how to deliver the AHSN IA’s one-day Silver QIT;
  • how to mentor and support staff who have chosen to undertake the optional silver project.

After completing the 2-day training and subject to assessment, Gold Level ‘Train the Trainer’ trainees are registered as an AHSN IA-approved Silver Level trainer and are expected to deliver the 1-day silver training to colleagues in their organisations.  They are also expected to either: 

  • mentor and support any of their silver trainees who choose to undertake the optional silver project,


  • train colleague(s) in their trust to carry out the mentoring/support role to trainees who complete a project.

For more details about how to apply to participate in the Gold Level ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, please contact Maureen.McGeorge@bthft.nhs.uk.



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