SAVI - Situational Awareness Vital Insights

SAVI has been developed to help all staff working with patients. This training tool uses real life clinical scenarios to demonstrate examples of good and poor situational awareness across different parts of the patient journey from diagnosis in the GP practice, through a ward and surgical scenario. Online e-learning modules (SAVI training pod) and notes for trainers.


Situational awareness (or a lack of) has been identified as an important factor contributing to human error. Situational Awareness Vital Insights (SAVI) has been developed by a team of clinicians and human factors experts to help all staff working with patients to be more situationally aware.  It includes five scenarios of high risk situations in which errors are common and where good situational awareness is central to patient safety, these are:

  • Prescribing and administration of insulin
  • Medication errors
  • Handover/safety briefing
  • Deteriorating patient
  • Misdiagnosis in primary care

The scenarios encourage awareness of the importance of team and communication skills, environmental and task factors as well as patient involvement in promoting safety. The films are aimed at healthcare professionals who have direct patient contact, but the films could also be used as part of undergraduate training for nurses and doctors.

The overall learning objectives for the resource are:

  • Gain an understanding of the key concepts of situational awareness (information gathering comprehension and projection)
  • Be aware of the importance of situational awareness for patient safety
  • Understand the value of the team in sharing information to ensure good situational awareness
  • Be aware of some of the factors that can reduce situational awareness e.g. lack of clinical knowledge, high workload, poor teamwork, poor communication, information overload, problems with supervision, negative emotions.

How can I access SAVI?

This resource is free to NHS and Social Care colleagues across Yorkshire and Humber but organisations will need to submit a list of names to the team, who will then organise usernames and passwords, as required, in order to access the tool.  For organisations outside of Yorkshire and the Humber please contact us to discuss options.

For a trial period, access to SAVI can be offered to individuals.  Please contact us for login details academy@yhahsn.nhs.uk.

If you are a manager wanting to make SAVI available to your staff please contact us to discuss cohort access academy@yhahsn.nhs.uk.

SAVI is also available as a DVD with brief training instructions. To use this format in your training please contact Prof Rebecca Lawton.

You may also be interested in our Introduction to Patient Safety module which can be used to complement SAVI in induction or training for existing staff.

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