Involving Patients in Safety

The Francis report1 into the failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust concluded that the majority of cases of significant harm could have been avoided if the organisation had listened to the patients in their care.  Quality improvement2-3 and patient safety experts4-6 increasingly agree on the value of involving patients if the quality and safety of health services are to be improved.  Patients and their carers are now considered sources of vital intelligence and energy for a system where the demands increase whilst resources become less available 7-8.

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The Improvement Academy is currently enhancing the voice of patients in patient safety through the following initiative:


PRASE: Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment

PRASE involves collection of patient feedback around the safety of care. A questionnaire called the ‘Patient Measure of Safety’ (PMOS) is used to collect patients' feedback about their care.

Giving patients a voice in Patient Safety Huddles

The Yorkshire Safety Huddles project supports front-line ward teams to improve teamwork and communication by meeting daily to identify in-patients most at risk from harm, and agree measures to minimise these risks.


Patient and Public Engagement

Find out more about how we involve patients and the public in all our work.

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