Patient Safety Collaborative

In a nutshell:  The Yorkshire & Humber Patient Safety Collaborative can help you to improve the safety of your patients by applying latest evidence based tools for improvement, assisting networking  with other organisations, focussing on the key harms and improving your safety culture.

The Challenge

'The patient safety movement is now at a critical moment; to sustain momentum, there has to be recognition that things can – and should – be better.' (J. Illingworth (2015, Health Foundation ) 

Some of the most recent data available from the Care Quality Commission rated 61% of hospital trusts as 'requires improvement' and 13% as 'inadequate' for safety (2014/15). 

Understanding harm is complex, problems that were once seen as inevitable consequences of health care (such as some infections) are now seen as both preventable and unacceptable. 

The challenge therefore remains and The Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Collaborative is one of 15 national patient safety improvement programmes established across the country to act as a resource for our region. The collaborative aims to improve patient safety by acting as a catalyst sharing good practice, testing new ideas with frontline teams, and promoting networking opportunities and providing key evidence based tools in a usable format. In addition it supports the development of a culture of safety at all levels and prioritises key areas of harm.

Our Model of Patient Safety Improvement

An underlying principle of our work is to build on our successful evidence based patient safety work with frontline teams, involving everyone from cleaners to consultants, in community and hospital settings, for acute, mental health and learning disability services.

By offering practical help and facilitating the sharing of innovation to our partners our aspiration is to develop high reliability organisations for patient safety in the region.  

Patient safety priorities - Priorities areas highlighted to date: 

For further information or if you like to discuss your project or think we can help please contact: Mel Johnson, 01274 383932.

Yorkshire Huddles

See how Yorkshire Huddles are used to help improve many aspects of patient safety.

Mel Johnson - Patient Safety Collaborative Programme Manager


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