Spring Bank Health Dispensary (TAPS)

In a nutshell: Springbank Health is a GP Practice with a built in dispensary. They worked hard during the 20 week programme to identify the pitfalls in their dispensary with a vision ofminimising near misses..

Springbank Health is a GP Practice with a built in dispensary. It is run by Dispensing Assistants across two sites, Tockwith and Green Hammerton. The team wanted to reduce the number of near misses occurring daily in their dispensing processes. They process mapped the journey of the prescription from the GP handing it to the patient, through to the customer receiving their medication.

They identified that as a team, they work well together, however there was a desperate need to streamline the dispensing process and collect measures to identify any shortcomings. An unusual aspect of this dispensary is the fact there is no pharmacist therefore the journey of a prescription is from GP to dispenser and then straight to the patient. In addition the dispensary  is split over two sites therefore there is an added challenge to ensure patients prescriptions and medicines are referred to the correct site.

What they did

  1. Created a thorough near miss recording sheet and collected real-time data.
  2. Re-arranged the reception and dispensary workspace providing dispensers with more workspace.
  3. Installed a new I.T. system with the intention of minimising errors.
  4. Allocated specific tasks to team members e.g. receptionist and dispensers.

What happened/impact




These run charts illustrate the various changes that have taken place throughout the 20 week programme. The most significant changes e.g. installation of a new I.T. system, took place towards the end of the 20 week programme. 

The Improvement Academy is working closely with Springbank Health to support them with the small changes they are making within the dispensary and are hugely impressed not only the high levels of engagement across the practice, but also the commitment each staff member has made to this programme. We look forward to sharing the success they achieve on their mission of making patient safety their top priority.