Improving Quality

We know that services need to continuously make improvements, but in some areas there are real priority issues to address, and a real opportunity to apply innovation, insight and knowledge to tackle some of those problems.

What we are doing about it

The Improvement Academy is supporting work to improve services in a number of areas that are priorities for patients and our partners. These "Communities of Improvement" are committed to identifying improvement goals, collecting regular measures of progress, testing out improvements and spreading learning.

We have identified a common methodology based on improvement design principles, that can be flexibly used by our communities of improvement: We are supporting each of the communities of improvement to design and tailor an improvement programme that meets the needs of their comunity. You can read about these principles in our 'How To' guide.

Our future plans

Read more about our work in a number of health and health service by clicking on the tabs on the left hand side of this page.

Patient Safety

Some of our projects have been grouped together under the banner of "Patient Safety".

See information on projects such as Avoidable Hospital Mortality and Falls here.

'How to' guide


Beverley Slater - Improvement Academy Director


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