Co-Creation Network

In a nutshell: The Improvement Academy are working in collaboration with Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Academy to develop a network of communities of practice to support people to come together who want to see change in health and social care and  improve experience and outcomes for people who receive care.

The Challenge

Improving our NHS is hard work.

“change is hard and slow. Many challenges are deep-set and structural in nature, and resistant to even the most determined leader of change. Some aspects of organisational context may not be amenable to change through individual or team efforts, no matter how ‘heroic’, ‘transformational’ or determined the leadership, and no matter how generous the support.”
The Health Foundation, 2012 (Overcoming challenges to Improving Quality)

Key people across our systems struggle to connect with each other.
Improvement scientists, key clinical staff, organisation development practitioners, service users, carers, community leaders and other leaders committed to change and transformation are all important in shaping and delivering the health care system of the future but frequently feel cast adrift and disconnected by our restructured NHS organisations.

Learning is social and intellectual and happens between and across communities.
“Learning happens between and across communities, not just within them and is a continuous process… To create small scale change, work through cohesive communities; to create big scale change, build a movement, by creating bridges between disconnected communities.”
Helen Bevan.

What are we doing about it?

Together we are developing a network (Co-creation network) ustilising our web platform, to support and nurture communities of practice in an environment which values passion, skills, experience, knowledge practice and creative potential of all who feel able to contribute.

We provide support for communities to pursue a shared learning agenda, create value for members and stakeholders through developing and spreading new knowledge, practices and capabilities.

We bring existing and potential new communities together at basecamp events to share learning of our journey, provide support and help communities to build energy and momentum, encouraging creative ways of managing and capturing knowledge.

We welcome you to come and take a look at our website and explore our video’s and brochure to learn more or contact us if you wish to discuss developing a community of practice.

What will we do in the future?

We will continue to nurture and support our nascent communities as well as exploring potential future communities. We will continue to build connections across communities and networks, share learning with others and continue to provide the optimal space and culture to support the potential in all its members. We plan to develop an evaluation and monitoring framework for the network.

We are planning and developing our 3rd basecamp event on Wednesday 20th January 2016 in Leeds. For more details click here.


Patient and Public Engagement

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