Life as a Yorkshire Improvement Fellow and becoming a National Q Fellow

Clare Ashby - 16 February 2017

I became an Improvement Academy Fellow after meeting Alison Lovatt at the Academy one afternoon back in 2013. I had recently begun work at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and arrived asking for some help with a Falls Prevention Network that had been set up within the region. We got talking over a…

What is a safety huddle?

Katie Eacret - 22 February 2016

‘What’s a safety huddle?’ asked one of our housekeepers one morning when she was asked to attend. This was the most asked question in the beginning when this was being introduced, and now it is a case of ‘come on, its safety huddle time!’. It has been…

Quality Improvement Training in the NHS – reflecting upon the journey

Angela Green - 12 January 2016

“Mastery of quality and patient safety sciences and practices should be part of initial preparation and lifelong education of all health care professionals, including managers and executives.” Don Berwick (A Promise to learn - a commitment to act,…

Improvement Fellows

Find out more about some of the people who will contribute to our blogs on the Improvement Fellows page.

Our Clinical Director, Professor John Wright, travelled to Sierra Leone in November 2014 as part of the NHS response to the worsening Ebola outbreak. He worked to help fight the outbreak of Ebola, and to treat people who had become infected. He regularly wrote an insightful a blog on his experiences, which can be found here.